We all know about the search engine duplicate content penalty, if your blog or website has content that exists elsewhere on the internet, your search engine rankings are likely to suffer.  This is such a major problem among the Internet Marketing community,
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that an entire sub-industry of content-spinning software and article re-writing services has evolved over the last few years. This means the hard working internet marketer (that means YOU!) is permanently occupied with sourcing unique content in order to preserve those all-important search engine rankings.
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How would you like to take an article - any article you like, it could be a PLR article, one that you have written yourself, or one that is simply copied from the billions of website pages on the net - and then click a button, and produce a 100% original, 100% readable article in its place? How about taking that article and producing as many copies as you want - totally unlimited - all 100% unique, and 100% readable?
Create unique content for your blog or website from ANY article.
Create new articles INSTANTLY.
All new articles created by Content Hurricane are 100% unique and 100% readable.
Articles can be created with ready made anchortext backlinks.
Batch process multiple copies of multiple files
Tried and Tested successfully with Answereye ;-)
Could be a killer when used with Craigslist.
The same high quality support you have grown accustomed to with Answereye.
Features of future planned upgrades of Content Hurricane:
The ability to import popular text file formats.
Exporting to all popular file formats.
Create complete blog or web pages from scratch at the click of a button.
The inclusion of thousands of PLR articles to make your task even easier.
Create brand new articles from RSS feeds.
Fully fledged autoblogs!
This is it. This is what you have been waiting for! With Content Hurricane, you copy and paste your article in to the top pane, click a button, and a new article is created instantly in the bottom pane, ready for you to copy and paste wherever you like. Click the button again, and another 100% unique, 100% readable article is created. And another, and another, and another - all from the same original article.

That is not all. If your original article contains vital keywords, you can preserve those keywords so that they are not transformed in any way, and thus are registered by the search engine spiders. Furthermore, if you wish, you can convert all instances of a specific keyword in to a link, so that your new article will be created complete with anchortext backlinks. Awesome!

If that isn't enough, how about the ability to process
multiple copies of multiple text files while you relax with your feet up? Outstanding!

Let's check this out again:
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Content Hurricane is available NOW for $127 and for this low rate you will receive all future upgrades free of charge. Come on now, you can make that money back on your first day! THIS RATE IS AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST 30 CUSTOMERS ONLY. AFTER THAT THE RATE WILL BE $157
Click here to see a video demo of the converted results in action!
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Video Demo!
Video Demo!